Thursday, 16 January 2014

There is nothing worse than cold tea.

Seriously, there IS nothing worse than cold tea, and with the perpetual cold it is inevitable. Sorry it's January, the month of no money, crap weather and a serious lack of inspiration as everyone's cogs start to slowly whir back round into action just in time for spring. So this makes me think, what do I want from this year? Vague plans are always helpful, when I say vague plans I mean wondering mindlessly around desperately clutching a diary full of lists, plus a ton of incoherent thoughts scribbled on my hands, which of course make no sense the instant the pen separates itself from my skin. 

So I have decided to draw some ideas from places I wouldn't normally look. And push myself to try out some creative mediums that I would not touch, for fear of them being stupid insulting attempts at other peoples precious art forms! I'm talking drawing, manual photography, using new software. Don't worry no human eyes will ever be able to scan this work, it's far to naive to unleash on the world! 

However these new mediums has made me look for excitement and inspiration in different places and I've got back into magazine culture once more. For years I have been disillusioned with the vile mass produced mags, which cover nothing of interest if you have more than two brain cells however here are my three latest favourites...

- Boon magazine, a Brighton local, covers local culture without being wanky, the coolest article being one on The Brighton Photocopy club, a fanzine society. 

- Oh Comely, a ΓΌber cute if a little whimsical. A magazine whose latest edition is themed around space! 

- Frankie Magazine has the coolest photography, latest edition had mega sweet illustrations there for your colouring  in pleasure. 

You know I'm not even going to put their web addresses here, because nothing beats the smell and the feel of a magazine in your hands. 

So there we are, grasping at inspirational straws. Roll on February. Must be bad if we long for February. 

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