Sunday, 2 March 2014

Objectification or Art?

Two woman in their undies! What does that evoke to you? Classic over edited model bodies that are air brushed to look  complete perfect? Sexual objectification? Porn? Attention seekers? As a society we are so over sexualised that the minute we  see the naked or nearly naked human form we just naturally objectify the model. Whether that's the intention of the image or not. Now I'm just like the rest of us, there are ten thousand things that I hate about my body. Like most of us weight is something I consider constantly. I eat healthily and I exercise. Not so much because its fun but because it's a necessity. It took A LOT of persuading for me do this shot. It's a still taken from a music video we are making for the musician Noir. The shots serve the narrative, and as actress being scantily clad is something you have to get use too. However thinking about it I realised what I wanted to publish this image out of the context of the video. Clearly Noir (the other model in the photo) is a slim girl, and at first I didn't want to stand next to her as I thought she would make me look bigger?! How silly is that?! I'm proud that I'm stood here looking strong and confident because we are all so conditioned all the time to think our bodies are not good enough. And I may not be a twig but my body is strong and healthy and it lets me experience life. So you're telling me that I should feel bad about myself because I'm not a size eight, big breasted perfection of female form? Bullshit! We should all be proud of our bodies whatever size or shape we are, because as long as they're functioning well, we are all bloody lucky. Plus aren't they nice to look at?! 

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