Monday, 17 June 2013

Pot Noodle, Why try harder???????????

Does anyone eat a pot noodle and actually not feel an immense sense of shame? Have you seen the latest Advert? "why try harder" is the tagline. Talk about appealing to the non aspirational lower classes. I count myself among the working classes and i for one am not interested in the class system but i am interested in striving to achieve. Not in a monetary way but in a creative fulling manner. "why try harder" pretty much sums it up. Don't cook, fill your body with shit. Don't bother striving to achieve anything than above your status. Buy into the system. Don't bob above what is expected off you. I despise everything this advert stands for. There is nothing wrong in eating unhealthy food sometimes, in chilling, being content with what you are doing. But the fact that a company is using that as a tagline is disgusting. Another one of their taglines is "the slag of all snacks" hmmmm classy. Do you not want more from food, like a pleasurable experience? Perhaps something satisfying, a little bit naughty and extravagant. Maybe your skint this week but for gods sake give me beans on toast any day which at least have some nutritional value as well as pence per meal is actually cheaper?! I will finish with a quote from Red Dwarf, they have just crash landed "what do we have left then?" " half a bag of soggy smoky bacon crisps, a tin of mustard powder, three water biscuits, a brown lemon, two bottles of vinegar, a tube of bonjela gum ointment, a pot noodle and a tin of dog food. "its obvious what we are eating last then, I cant stand pot noodles"

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